Gil's Growing R\C Sailplane & Electric Sailplane collection.

"E-Boomerang" speed400 engine. Quite fast. (more pictures soon)
Standard Boomerang uses slope wind for power.

Boomerang flying wings use "elevon control" where the ailerons are used both for ailerons AND elevator function. A radio with mixing capabilities is needed for elevon control.

On flyby at Kite Hill

Knife Edge

Cant see the plane? Click the picture.

Both Wings

"The Floater"

This electric sailplane is powered by a speed 480 engine, folding prop, great climb angle at full throttle and does great with no engine on good lift days at kite hill. A freind of mine (Chris aka #Burner#), I was training, specked this one out recently 03/24/01 on a good lift day at Kite Hill. He was doing nice flat consistant figure eights into the wind and up he went. Next thing I knew the plane was tiny and I was taking the transmitter to get the thing down! Specking out on his 1st day!

More to come!